Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Wee! A 'semi' finished product..

Yes.. 'semi' finished. I'm not sure if I quite like the 'crisp lines' of the foreground elf... but then again.. i like the powerful colors. <--I've always liked high end colors.. :P But.. here is at least one version (if I decide to do more varients there of). I dunno.. is it too chaotic? I personally love the sky and the overall feel. But meh.. I digress. Let me know whatcha think. :D


Meats of EVIL said...

DAMN! Looks good Melss

Ghara said...

I love it!
Only thing I don't like is the random NE girl diving/being thrown?
Love the colors. Love the reflection thing. It's awesome.

Nuance said...

I believe that the word of the day here is "neat!"