Sunday, March 26, 2006


Hello everyone I know this pic is about 2 weeks late,I havent been able to post anything for some reason.But here it is our trip to LBRS,everything is still kinda funky this week with V's folks still outta town but hopefully once they get back and V and I are not working 7 days straight we can do some more raiding.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Yay for Boredom!

And Yay for random artwork too!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

And.. more drawings!

And.. there ya have Zyp, Ghara, and Lat for display :) . Please.. for those of you whom I haven't done yet (Yuki, Mibash, Milas, Madea, Meat, Melba, etc.. you know who you are) please please please send me some screen caps of your character! If you want them in cool gear just make sure you get a screen cap of them in the gear :) I'm thinking of making some short comic strips involving the guildies.. but we'll see. Hugs for everyone!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

More Art.. so soon!?!

Wow.. another picture.. so soon after I finished Kumor. It's Nu! For those of you with special requests (Lat.. I know you mentioned something about that uber Rogue gear.. do you want me to wait until you have a pic of you in that stuff?) Remember folks.. I'm only going to do close ups and whatnot.. and they're by no means 'time intensive' drawings. This drawing alone took about 15 minutes to do. (Yes Nu.. it's tru :D but I luv the smirk I put on you.. it seems fitting.)

The artwork continues!!

I am steadily workin on ppls characters. I tried to keep with the same doodle-esque sketching that I did with Tsuki. I plan on doing that with everyone.. to hopefully keep the pictures sort of together (like a GUILD.. wow) . It's been a while since my Tsuki picture but I hope to pick up the pace some since I'm not too busy at the moment. :D


After careful scientific study, Hunkaflesh discovers that the ogres of Alterac are not quite as civilized as some would be lead to believe. Now the search for a good shoe shiner begins.