Friday, December 29, 2006

New Alliance members

Thats right folks the Alliance are so desperate for good players they allowed Fizz,Vort and shunk to join up and make their guild better players.Sadly after 5 min we realized they were hopeless noobs and went on our way.But at least the memory was captured on film.Now in non-fiction news the evil that is Christmas is over so i want us to get back into the groove and try and get some raiding in before the expansion.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Nuance Does Teldrassil!

With the Alliance commemorated the last day before the honor system reset by setting the World Defense channel ablaze with scattered attacks all around Horde cities and camps, Nuance decided to retaliate by making the second of his one-man assaults on Alliance capitals. On the schedule for today?


Getting there was half the fun, it seemed, as a run through Auberdine was required before one could even reach Teldrassil island. Quickly running through throngs of guards, Nu made his way to the nearest ship, and it was anchors aweigh!
Now, of course, as anyone knows, Darnassus is a snooze. So, after a quick ride through town, it was off to Shadowglen for the real party. After twice disposing of the, erm, fearsome level 60 druid that appeared to rule the village, Nuance was given a hero's welcome. Night Elf and Demon alike joined together to celebrate this joyous occasion.
The local men could only stand in wonder as their women found a walking corpse to be infinitely more appealing than the usual Night Elven roster of leet-speaking numbskulls. Another successful (panty) raid for the Horde!