Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Group Hug

So finally after some much needed down time the Meats are back up and running with a sucsessful(But poor loot) run of LBRS.I have been thinking recently about setting up a Raid scheduel so that we can work around everyones needs,since for alot of us we work strange hours.So I think for step one I would like for everyone to post the times they can play for at least 2-3hrs and also where they would like to Raid too(for quest,gear or whatever).Also I want to get everyone MC attuned just in case we manage to work out grping terms with another guild,So this means we got to start running BRD.Anyways good run tonight and we're looking at Wed and Sat for our next big runs.


Kumoriame said...

I can only garauntee wednesday nights, but even that has a small chance of not happening. This week, I can only do wednesday, as i close tues. and thurs. We gonna be out o town fri and sat. should be back and wide open for sunday and monday nites.

Ghara said...

i can do almost any evening, but I would have log early (12am) as i would have to open in the morning. Mon. and Wed. evenings I can stay up late (no work the next day).