Monday, May 01, 2006

Girls do it too

Before I get to the congrats I feel the need to point out,we finally caught Tsuki looking at Meat like a fat kid looking at an apple pie (BUSTED).On a serious note congrats on the scholo run last night for a 5 man grp with no Tank and no Priest I say we did pretty damn good.Now sadly we still have several more runs to go :( Good Job everyone


Nuance said...

Feel free to send me an IM anytime. I'm usually around. Furthermore, are there any potential raids planned for today? If so, PLEASE count me in.

Tsuki Kami said...

LOL How do you know for a fact I wasn't looking at Melba *wink wink* well.. all I can say I wasn't staring at ur butt like some other notorious ppl I know. :)

Hehehe :P

Latis said...

I think I will take the time now to mention I don't think I will be playing much World of Warcraft for a while. I rarely get mad at a video game, but WoW is one of those that has managed to do that.

I've been trying to get that Shadowcraft Cap for months now, actually, and Blizzard has not let me prevail. Then, last night it drops, and I believed I could loot it if someone would invite me in the group to take their place. So, I ended up staying up late to have Melba loot it. This, with the combination of other real life bad happeneings has made me upset.

My point is, I am not advancing no matter how hard I try anymore. PUG's will almost NEVER complete a full run of anything anymore, and you guys and I are not on at the same time to do Scholomance.

I might make small cameos to check mail. Hell, I might make potions for mibs and miangs, but other than that: See you guys at the end of May.

Ghara said...

Rock on you guys!
Melba *is* pretty hawt. I'd check her out if I could. :D