Saturday, March 11, 2006

The artwork continues!!

I am steadily workin on ppls characters. I tried to keep with the same doodle-esque sketching that I did with Tsuki. I plan on doing that with everyone.. to hopefully keep the pictures sort of together (like a GUILD.. wow) . It's been a while since my Tsuki picture but I hope to pick up the pace some since I'm not too busy at the moment. :D


Tsuki Kami said...

Sorry I didn't give you an awesome 'slogan' like Nu.. there is always time to add one on.

:D Hugs!

Meats of EVIL said...

Kumor is his own Slogan he needs not the words of Mortals to show his power!

Vero said...

How Bout "I'm Not Staring (at your butt), I swear!" ? :)