Monday, January 23, 2006

non-meats news

Grats go out to Melba who on her FIRST MC run managed to get herself 3 pieces of cenarian armor.While Meat managed a measly 1 piece of giantstalker.But oh well,In Meats news I have on the horizon a 10 man Strath raid planned as well as a 5 man Dire Maul run (Both will have a lvl 53 limit).Also if anyone still needs Sunken Temple or Mauradon runs let me know and we'll try and work out a time thats good for you. Thanks Everyone


Vero said...

Yah.. I am the dreaded Deer-Cow now. Able to change into the terrible Moonkin form to dance. :)
Unless someone shoots me :)


Kumoriame said...

Let me in on both of those runs... I need the xp for 60 and ANY loot i can use :)
Gratz to Melba!

Xaorre said...

gratz mleba and meathed... meat you got trueflight bracers too =P

Ghara said...

I need ST. Have a few quests there. Also me and Nu need a place in the Hinderlands with elites so we need some help for that. :)