Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Movin' on up!

This week's PvP rankings are in, and Zypow is the latest Meat to crack the Horde's top 1000. Our appearances in the top 2000 are as follows:

622 - Nuance (Senior Sergeant)
887 - Zypow (Sergeant)
1028 - Kaki (Sergeant)
1423 - Blockbusta (Grunt)
1548 - Reddiablo (Grunt)
1686 - Verro (Grunt)
1921 - Oduss (Grunt)

Also making the list were honorary Meat mains Meathed, #918, and Xaorre, at an incredible standing of #9! Xa also racked in the highest honor gain in all the Horde for the week! Grats to them and for Meathed to his return to the rank of Sergeant and Xa for his promotion to Lieutenant General.

The Warsong Gulch holiday is this week, so let's get in there and tear the Alliance several new ones!

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